The soup uses extra-carefully selected pork bone genkotsu (fists). They are stewed for a long time together with back fat, then by adding our "secret sauce", our most popular, often-imitated-never-duplicated masterpiece ramen was born!!
Thanks to a superb harmony of miso and transparent lard, this item features a hearty warm taste with a little sharp accent thrown in. This dish goes highly recommended for hard-core miso ramen fans! !
A delicate but full-bodied taste thanks to the condensed umami characterizes this ramen!! When topped with spinach, you can enjoy the perfect compatibility known among fans of the dish as "shio-renso (salt-spinach symphony)"! !
"As far as ramen goes, this is the ultimate! ! " Our version of the old favorite mild soy sauce ramen. This cup soup with a retro flavor reminiscent of Showa is also popular among young people! !
Features ”W-soup” with a unique blend of pork bone and fish broth. Topped with a big chashuu roast pork brisket, and finished with refreshing crisp chopped onions! !
To a piping-hot W-soup of the finest pork bone and fish broth, dip firm and medium thickness noodles for one delectable ramen dish. A must-try item for all seasons! !
The golden lustre of the broth features a deluxe umami that is derived from a unique formulation called the golden ratio of purity. The winning combination of extra chunky noodles in a thick starchy soup! !
This dish will put even the staunchest of spicy food fans to the test. One whiff should send anyone’s alarm bells off !! The weak-stomached and children should not try for safety 😊!!
Choose from soy sauce, miso or salt
This picture shows “Arashi Genkotsu Barikara (Super Spicy) Ramen Shoyu (Soy sauce flavor)
Ramen with no soup! ! A new frontier in flavor awaits you. Warning: extremely habit-forming!! As you wish, you can add various seasonings at your table to experiment with.
・Tonkotsu soup(Pork soup) flavored with soy source and chicken oil.
・Made with fat noodles.
サムネイル サムネイル サムネイル

Kids Set
(Ramen,juice & dessert for kids)

The ramen for the children of or under 8.
Choose from soy sauce, miso or salt. 
Toppings 120yen
Soft-boiled egg
Secret Marinade
Sliced boiled eggs
(2 pieces)
Wakame seaweed
Crisp sliced
green onions
Bean sprouts