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Arashi Genkotsu Ramen Black

 ・Soup with soy sauce base and Mar-oil, and topping with large-sized Char-siu and a seasoned soft-boiled egg.
・There is also a char-siu men with two large-sized char-siu.
Seasonal『Arashi Genkotsu Ramen Black』
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Bakumatsu Ishin Ramen

・Thick noodles with dried fish broth soup with pork and seafood stock.
・Topped with pork neck char-siu, seasoned extra-thick bamboo shoots, spinach and seasoned egg.
・We also offer “Bakumatsu Ishin Ramen SAKAMOTO RYOMA Nikumashi (Bakumatsu Ishin Ramen SAKAMOTO RYOMA with Extra Meat)”, which comes with five slices of pork neck char-siu.
Seasonal『Bakumatsu Ishin Ramen SAKAMOTO RYOMA』
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Niigata Tsubame Sanjo Ramen JUN

・Rich soy sauce broth with dried small sardine dashi and pork back fat.
・Topped with char-siu pork, seasoned bamboo shoots, onions and dried laver seaweed flakes.
・We also offer Niigata Tsubame Sanjo Ramen JUN “ONI-ABURA” with plenty of back fat.
・We also offer Niigata Tsubame Sanjo Ramen JUN “KUROBARA-NORI” with plenty of dried laver seaweed flakes.
Seasonal『Niigata Tsubame Sanjo Ramen JUN』
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Hiyashi Chuka

Seasonal『Hiyashi Chuka』
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Seasonal Sidemenu

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Teppan Itameshi Gyudon Aji
(Teppan Itameshi with beef bowl flavor.)

 ・Premium fried rice having sweet soy sauce flavor including more than double beef ribs than before.
・If you like, please add red ginger, and chili including seven spices and enjoy meal.
Seasonal『Teppan Itameshi Gyudon Aji』
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Tontoro Char-Siu Meshi
(Pork Neck Char-Siu Rice)

・Roasted special pork neck char-siu glazed with special sauce. Please enjoy it with your ramen!
サムネイル サムネイル

Teppan Itameshi Sake Cha-Han Aji
(Teppan Itameshi Salmon Fried Rice Flavor)

・Light miso flavored fried rice with chopped salmon, shimeji mushrooms and green Shiso leaves.
Seasonal『Teppan Itameshi Sake Cha-Han Aji』
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